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Books Set in Italy Waiting List

It will take some time to get the details of our entire collection added to the website. These are the books in our library that we plan to add to the website.

Airth, Rennie - Snatch
Albert, Marvin H. - The Gargoyle Conspiracy
Allan, Mabel Esther - The Bells Of Rome / Mystery In Rome
Allen, Charlotte Vale - Dream Train - a Novel of the Orient
Ambler, Eric - Cause For Alarm / The Siege of the Villa Lipp
Andahazi, Federico - The Anatomist
Anthony, Evelyln - Mission to Malaspiga / The Malaspiga Exit
Anthony, Evelyn - Company of Saints
Avi, - Midnight Magic
Bagley, Desmond - The Golden Keel
Bailey, Mark - Saint
Baker, Richard M. - The Drood Murder Case
Baker, W. Howard - The Dogs of War
Banks, Oliver - The Caravaggio Obsession
Barker, Albert - The Straw Virgin
Bartolini, Luigi - Bicycle Thieves
Barzini, Luigi - From Caesar to the Mafia
Base, Ron - Splendido
Boccaccio, Giovanni - The Decameron
Bond, Evelyn - The Venetian Secret
Bonner, Paul Hyde - S.P.Q.R.
Brandreth, Gyles - Venice Midnight
Brent, Madeleine - Tregaron’s Daughter
Buchan, James - Davy Chadwick
Call, Max - Deadline In Rome
Cameron, Lou - The Amphorae Pirates
Canfield, Dorothy - The Tuscany Madonna
Carmello, Charles - La Mattanza - The Sicilian Madness
Chaber, M.E. - A Lonely Walk
Charles-Roux, Edmonde - To Forget Palermo
Chase, James Hadley - Mission To Venice
Chesterton, G. K. - Father Brown of the Church of Rome
Cleeve, Brian - You Must Never Go Back
Clewes, Dorothy - The Golden Eagle
Coffman, Virginia - The Dark Gondola / The Dark Palazzo
Cohen, Martin Samuel - The Truth About Marvin Kalish
Colombo, Pat - Throw Back The Little Ones
Condon, Richard - A Trembling Upon Rome
Conroy, Pat - Beach Music
Converse, Jane - Nurse In Rome
Cooney, John - Acts Of Contrition
Coover, Robert - Pinocchio in Venice
Cornelisen, Ann - Vendetta Of Silence
Costantini, Costanzo - Bird Of Paradise
Crader, Dorothy - She And The Dubious Three
Creasey, John - Death Of An Assassin
Crichton, Robert - The Secret of Santa Vittoria
Dann, Jack - The Memory Cathedral
de Luca, Erri - Sea Of Memory
DePaola, Tomie - The Legend Of Old Befana
di Lampedusa, Giuseppe Tomasi - The Leopard
Downes, Donaly - Easter Dinner -The Pigeon That Took
Duane, Allan - The Hadrian Ransom
DuBois, Theodora - Captive Of Rome
Dunham, Mikel - Casting for Murder
Dunnett, Dorothy - Roman Nights/Murder in Focu / Murder In Focus
Eco, Umberto - Baudolino
Ehrlich, Max - Reincarnation in Venice
Elkann, Alain - Piazza Carignano / Misguided Lives
Ellin, Stanley - House of Cards
Ennis, Michael - Duchess Of Milan
Fenton, Edward - The Golden Doors
Ferrars, Elizabeth - Alibi For A Witch
Fitzerald, Nigel - Imagine A Man
Flagg, John - Death’s Lovely Mask
Fleetwood, Hugh - Roman Magic
Fleischman, A.S. - The Venetian Blonde
Fleming, Anne - Death and Deconstruction
Fo, Dario - Mistero Buffo
Forbes, Colin - The Palermo Affair / The Palermo Ambush
Francis, Dick - Flying Finish / The Danger
Fraser, John - In Place Of Reason
Gallahue, John - The Jesuit
Geddes, Paul - The State Of Corruption
Gifford, Thomas - The Assassini
Glanville, Brian - After Rome, Africa
Glasco, Gordon - The Days of Eternity
Godey, John - Fatal Beauty
Golding, Michael - Simple Prayers
Goldman, James - The Man From Greek and Roman
Gollin, James - The Verona Passamezzo
Gordon, Alan - A Death in the Venetian Quarter
Griffths, Arthur - The Rome Express
Grimes, Martha - The Old Contemptibles
Gruber, Frank - The Etruscan Bull
Guareschi, Giovanni - Don Camillo’s Dilemma
Haasse, Hella - The Scarlet City
Haggard, William - The Hard Sell
Hamill, Pete - A Killing for Christ
Hamilton, Lyn - The Etruscan Chimera
Hammer, Richard - The Vatican Connection
Hands, John - Perestroika Christi
Hardin, Peter - The Frightened Dove
Harris, Rosemary - The Double Snare
Hayes, Alfred - All Thy Conquests
Healey, Ben - The Vespucci Papers / The Stone Baby / Midnight Ferry to Venice
Helwig, David - A Postcard from Rome
Hersey, John - Antonietta
HIggins, Jack - Day Of Judgement / In the Hour Before Midnight / Luciano’s Luck / Confessional / A Season In Hell / The Keys of Hell
Hill, Reginald / Another Death in Venice
Hoch, Edward - The Three Travelers
Hochhuth, Rolf - The Deputy
Hodge, Jane Aiken - One Way to Venice
Hoffman, Mary - White Magic [Children’s Book]
Holland, Isabelle - The Lost Madonna
Hooper, Maureen Brett - The Violin Man
Hotchner, A.E. - The Dangerous American
Howlett, John - The Christmas Spy
Hutchinson, R.C. - March The Ninth
Innes, Hammond - Fire in the Snow
Jackson, W.G.F. - The Battle For Rome
Jason, Stuart - Venetian Vendetta- the Butcher #24
Jepson, Selwyn - The Death Gong
Johns, Derek - The Beatrice Mystery
Jones, Hazel Wynn - Death and the Trumpets of Tuscany / Shot On Location
Katz, Robert - Massacre In Rome
Keene, Carolyn - Rendezvous In Rome: Nancy Drew 73 / The Phantom Of Venice: Nancy Drew 78
Kennedy, Eugene - Fixes
Kienzle, William - Shadow Of Death
King, Ross - Domino
Kingsland, Rosemary - Cassata
Koeppen, Wolfgang - Death in Rome
Kotler, Steven - The Angle Quickest For Flight
Kyle, Robert - Some Like It Cool
LaPlante, Lydia - Bella Mafia
LaTourrette, Jacqueline - Shadows in Umbria
Lee, Elsie - Clouds Over Vellanti
Leeming, John F. - It Always Rains In Rome
Leger, Jack-Alain - Monsignore
Lem, Stainslaw - The Chain of Chance
Leppard, Lois Gladys - Mandie And The Silent Catacombs
Lester, Teri - Episode in Rome
Lett, Gordon - Rossano: An Adventure of the Italiam
Levant, Curt - Partita in Venice
Levi, Carlo - Christ Stopped At Eboli
Links, J.G. - Venice For Pleasure
Livingston, Walter - The Mystery of Villa Sineste
Llewelllyn, Caroline - The Masks Of Rome / The Lady of the Labyrinth
Loraine, Philip - The Angel of Death / A Mafia Kiss / Photographs Have Been Sent To Your Wife
Maclean, Alistair - Partisans
MacNeill, Alastair - Alistair MacLean’s Red Alert
MacPherson, Kenneth - Rome, 12 Noon
Malerba, Luigi - WHat Is This Buzzing? Do You Hear It
Mancini, Anthony - Minnie Santangelo & The Evil Eye
Mann, Thomas - Death In Venice
Mariel, Anne - Murder in Venice
Marshall, Raymond - Mission To Venice
Martin, Malachi - Windswept House / Vatican
Massie, Allan - The Death of Men
Masterson, Whit - Hunter of the Blood
Mathieson, Theodore - Leonardo da Vinci Detective
Maybury, Anne - The Terracotta Palace / Ride A White Dolphin
Mayo, James - Let Sleeping Girls Lie
McCullough, Colleen - The First Man in Rome
McCurtin, Peter - Death Hunt: The Marksman #2
McGirern, William P. - Margin of Terror
McGuire, Paul - Enter Three Witches
McInerny, Ralph - Easeful Death
Mewshaw, Michael - Year Of The Gun
Meynell, Laurence - The Thirteen Trumpeters
Michaels, Barbara - Wings of the Falcon / The Grey Beginning
Mincieli, Rose Laura - Harlequin
Moore, Robin - The Italian Connection No.2 Pulsar
Morrow, Bradford - Giovanni’s Gift
Munro, James - Die Rich Die Happy
Murphy, Walter F. - The Vicar Of Christ / The Roman Enigma
Murray, William - The Mouth Of The Wolf / Italy: The Fatal Gift
Trevaniana, - Shibumi
Nassr, Donald - In The Shadows Of The Cross
Neville, Katherine - The Magic Circle
Newman, Kim - Judgment of Tears
Nixon, Alan - Item 7
Nixon, William - Strategic Compromise
Norwood, Frank - The Pope Must Die
O’Hagan, Joan - Death and a Madonna / A Roman Death
O’Neal, Virginia - Beecher
O’Neill, Frank - Roman Circus
Olivieri, Renato - Piazza Pulita
Olsen, Jack - Silence on Monte Sole
Orbi, Joseph - Peter’s Choice
Origo, Iris - War in Val D’Orcia
Parker, Derek - Roman Murder Mystery: The True Story of Pompilia
Paul, Barbara - A Cadenza For Caruso
Pavese, Cesare - Among Women Only
Pendleton, Don - Tuscany Terror / Assault On Rome / Vendetta In Venice
Perry, Ritchie - Bishop’s Pawn
Peterson, Jim - The Executioner-Sicilian Slaughter
Phillips, Pat - Mediterranean Adventure
Pozzessere, Heather Graham - The di Medici Bride
Price, Anthony - October Men
Prokosch, Frederic - A Tale For Midnight
Proulx, E. Annie - Accordian Crimes
Pugh, John J. - High Carnival
Puzo, Mario - The Sicilian / Omertq
Pyatt, Alan J. - The Medici Goblets
Quackenbush, Robert - Gondola To Danger
Quinnell, A.J. - Man On Fire / In The Name Of The Father
Rabe, Peter - A House In Naples
Raven, Simon - Brother Cain / Before the Cock Crow
Ray, Mary - The Ides of April
Reade, Charles - The Cloister & the Hearth
Reed, Mary - One For Sorrow
Revell, Louisa - See Rome and Die
Revere, John D. - The Assassin #2: Vatican Kill
Rhodes, Russell - The Herod Conspiracy
Ricci, Nino - Lives of the Saints
Rice, Anne - Cry to Heaven / Vittorio The Vampire
Robb, Peter - Midnight In Sicily
Roberets, Nora - Homeport
Roberts, James Hall - The Q Document
Roberts, John Maddox - Mightier Than the Sword (short story)
Rosenberger, Joseph - Death Merchant #35: Massacre in Rome
Rosenblum, Robert - The Good Thief
Rossiter, Elizabeth - The Lemon Garden
Rostand, Robert - A Killing in Rome
Rotsstein, Aaron - Judgement In St. Peter’s
Rudorff, Ramond - The Venice Plot
Sagola, Mario - The Manacle
Sandom, J.G. - Gospel Truths
Saylor, Steven - Archimedes’ Tomb--Crime Trhough
Schiff, Barry - Vatican Target
Sciascia, Leonardo - Moro Affair and the Mystery of Majorana / To Each His Own / The Wine Dark Sea
Scotti, R. A. - The Devil’s Own
Shallabarger, Samuel - Prince of Foxes
Shane, L.C. - Tamara
Shaw, Irwin - Two Weeks in Another Town
Sheldon, Sidney - The Doomsday Conspiracy
Sheridan, Anne-Marie - Summoned to Darkness
Sherwood, John - Menacing Groves
Shone, Anna - Secrets In Stones
Siciliano, Enzo - Diamante
Silone, Ignazio - Bread & Wine / The Fox and the Camellias
Simenon, Georges - The Venice Train
Skármeta, Antonio - Il Postino
Slater, Nigel - Falcon
Sollers, Phillipe - Watteau in Venice
Stackhouse, Bill - Stream of Death
Stagg, James - Nightmare in Naples
Stainton, Audrey - Sweet Rome
Stein, Aaron Marc - Sitting Up Dead / Never Need an Enemy / Lend Me Your Ears / The Cheating Butcher
Sterling, Claire - The Time Of The Assassins
Sterling, Thomas - Evil of the Day / The Silent Siren
Stern, Tom - Vatican Gold
Stille, Alexandar - Excellent Cadavers
Stratton, Rebecca - The Tears of Venus
Stuart, Anthony - Vicious Circles
Summerton, Margaret - A Dark and Secret Place
Tabucchi, Antonio - The Edge of the Horizon
Thompson, David - The Mirrormaker Intrigue, Treachery,
Tine, Robert - State Of Grace / Black Market
Tompkins , Peter - A Spy in Rome
Tosches, Nick - Power On Earth
Train, Arthur - Camorra in Italy/American Lawyer at
Tute, Warren - Next Saturday in Milan
Tyler, W.T. - The Man Who Lost the War
Uhnak, Dorothy - Codes Of Betrayal
Upward, Allen - Venetian Key
Vailland, Roger - The Law
Van Adler, T.C. - The Evil That Boys Do
Van Rjndt, Philippe - Samaritan
Vansittart, Peter - A Choice Of Murder
Vassali, Sebastiano - The Chimera
Veraldi, Attilio - The Payoff
Villar, Tommy - Save Italy! Forget the Rest
Vose, Ken - Dead Pedal
Wallace, Edgar - The Fourth Plague
Wallace, Irving - The Pigeon Project / The Miracle
Wallace, Nichols - The Two Musicians
Waller, Leslie - The Coast of Fear
Warner, Marina - The Lost Father
Waugh, Hillary - Run When I Say Go
Wehen, Joy DeWeese - The Silver Cricket
West, Cameron - The Medici Dagger
Weston, Christine - The Dark Wood
Wheatcroft, John - Education of Malcolm Palmer
Wheatley, Dennis - The Rape Of Venice
Whitten, Les - A Killing Place
Wilson, A.N. - Hearing Voices
Wilson, Derek - The Borgia Chalice / The Swarm Of Heaven
Wilson, Gar - Hostaged Vatican-Phoenix Force #26
Woods, Stuart - L.A. Dead
Woolcott, Alexander - While Rome Burns
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn - The Palace / Blood Games
York, Andrew - The Predator
Young, Wayland - The Montesi Scandal
Zodrow, John Rester - Vatican Gold