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Books about the Vatican


The Vatican Conclave elected Pope Benedict XVI (Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany) on the 3rd ballot. For more exciting fictional conclaves we recommend the following four books:
Dan Brown  Angels & Demons   Roberto Pazzi  Conclave
Greg Tobin  Conclave   Andrew M. Greeley  White Smoke

There are some great reads featuring fictional Popes:
Morris West The Shoes Of The Fisherman The Clowns Of God Lazarus
William D. Montalbano Basilica Daniel Silva The Confessor

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Books Set in Italy
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Cold War
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Italian Authors
Children's Books

Paul Adam
Unholy Trinity
Jon Cleary
 Peter's Pence
Michael Dibdin
David Hewson
 A Season for the Dead
Allan Folsom
Day of Confession
John Halliday
 The Vatican Assignment
James Rollins
 Map of Bones
Scott McBain
 The Coins of Judas
Arturo Pérez-Reverte
 The Seville Communion
Nick Tosches
 In the Hand of Dante
T.C. Van Adler
St, Agatha's Breast

(Pope Books) 

Dan Brown
 Angels & Demons
Andrew M. Greeley
White Smoke
William D. Montalbano
Thomas F. Montleone
 The Blood of the Lamb
 The Reckoning
Roberto Pazzi
Greg Tobin
Daniel Silva
 The Confessor
Tad Szulc
 To Kill the Pope
Lucien Gregoire
 Murder in the Vatican

John Cornwell
 A Thief in the Night