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Books Set in Lazio

Dan Brown
 Angels & Demons
Amara Lakhous
 Clash of Civilizations Over an Elevator in Piazza Vittorio
Iain Pears
 7 Mysteries
David Hewson
 A Season for the Dead
Margot Arnold
 The Catacomb Conspiracy
Camilla T. Crespi
 The Trouble with Going Home
Daphne du Maurier
 The Flight of the Falcon
Helen MacInnes
 North from Rome
Ngaio Marsh
 When in Rome
Elizabeth Peters
 The Seventh Sinner
 Street of the Five Moons
Joyce Christmas
 Forged in Blood
Paul Adam
 Unholy Trinity
Oliver Banks
 The Caravaggio Obsession
Carlo Emilio Gadda
 That Awful Mess on Via Merulan
C.P. Bracken
 Roman Ring
Victor Canning
 The Python Project
John Case
 The Genesis Code
 The Eighth Day
Noah Charney
 The Art Thief
Herbert Lieberman
 The Girl with the Botticelli Eyes
Gerald Seymour
 Red Fox
Charlie McDade
 Red Spider
Amanda Ptrantera
 Letter to Lorenzo
Martha Albrand
 Without Orders
Graham Joyce
Stephen Marlowe
 Terror Is My Trade
 Peril Is My Pay
Robert Hellenga
 The Fall of a Sparrow
Salley Vickers
 The Other Side of You
Edward S. Aarons
 Assignment-Lili Lamaris
Nick Carter
 Our Agent in Rome Is Missing
Tim Parks

Vatican City

Dan Brown
 Angels & Demons

Michael Dibdin

Jonathan Gash
 The Vatican Rip
James Rollins
 Map of Bones

Castel Gandolfo
Dan Brown
 The Da Vinci Code
Robert Ludlum
 The Road to Gandolfo


Evelin Sullivan
 Four of Fools

Muriel Spark
 The Takeover
Tonino Benacquista
 Holy Smoke