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Set in Italy


Edward S. Aarons
Jack Barnao
Nick Carter
James Halliday
James Rollins
Don Smith

Set in Florence

Jack Barnao


JACKET NOTES:  As Tough as They Come...
That's John Locke. Savvy and seasoned, he's good with guns-and even better with his fists. As bodyguard to the rich and famous, he's seen it all.
Locke's latest assignment: babysit Herbert Ridley, Jr., a teenage heir with grown-up vices and a penchant for trouble. The family figures a dose of culture will help settle the kid down, so they're sending him to Europe in the expert care of John Locke.
A piece of cake, right?
But the job only looks easy. No sooner does the unlikely pair set foot in Italy than Herbie's kidnapped and Locke's plunged into a treacherous web of beautiful but deadly women, ruthless gangsters, and scheming lowlifes that would do the Borgias proud.
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