Assignment-Sorrento Siren by Edward S. Aarons
© 2002-2017
Set in Italy


Edward S. Aarons
Jack Barnao
Nick Carter
James Halliday
James Rollins
Don Smith

Set in Sorrento

Edward S. Aarons

The Sam Durell Series

Assignment-Sorrento Siren

JACKET NOTES: A C.I.A. man meets all kinds working the international racket. Durell had known heroes and he had known killers--but there was never anyone quite like Jack Talbott.
Granted, there was nothing really special about an agent's turning sour and selling out. But there was something very special and particularly hideous about a man who could go to the one woman who loved him--the person who could help him save himself--and strip her, torture her, and leave her to die in silent agony. This was what Talbott had done--and all because of the SORRENTO SIREN.
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