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 Murder in Italy

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Set in Perugia


Candace Dempsey is the award-winning Italian-American author of the MURDER IN ITALY. She's covered travel, women's issues, business and other topics for numerous magazines and newspapers.
She is obsessed with all things Italian and often visits her Italian cousins in Calabria, Rome, and Bologna. 

Candace Dempsey

Murder in Italy

The Shocking Slaying of a British Student, the
Accused American Girl, and an International Scandal

Product Description: Two beautiful young women adore Italy and go there to study. Only a few months into their Italian dream adventure, one roommate is stabbed to death; the other is sentenced to 26 years for that killing, which the prosecutor claims took place during a drug-fueled orgy involving Knox's rich Italian boyfriend and a young man with a checkered past.
So who killed Meredith Kercher? How did Amanda Knox become the prime suspect? Could she be innocent?
Based in Seattle, Knox's hometown, the award-winning, Italian-American journalist Candace Dempsey unravels the mystery, drawing upon trial transcripts, autopsy photos, crime scene videos, prison diaries, Facebook pages and interviews with the key players for the prosecution and the defense in Perugia, Italy, where she flew often to cover the events up close.
Dempsey covered this sensational case from the very beginning on her true crime blog, hosted by seattle pi.com, featured on Newsweek.com and CNN Anderson Cooper 360, and read around the world.
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